Clan MacKenzie International

The Website

This website is designed to provide an introduction to the history, genealogy, and culture of Clan MacKenzie - a Highland Scottish kindred that in the course of the last two centuries has become a worldwide family - and as such the emphasis is on information rather than imagery, with various levels of detail on different pages. Since there is disagreement about the origins and early history of the clan, a number of the genealogies differ is some details - reflecting the various possibilities suggested by different historians and genealogists over the centuries. The site, which is still a work in progress, comes from professional genealogist Graeme Mackenzie, who has been the Clan Seanchaidh for the last 25 years, during which time he has travelled extensively in the US, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand, talking to MacKenzies about the clan and helping them trace their ancestors in it & other clans.