The Seanchaidh

The Seanchaidh recites the pedigree of King Alexander III

The Gaelic word Seanchaidh - often given phonetically in English as Shennachie - means historian, genealogist, story-teller, keeper of the traditions etc. It was an important position in the household of a king, noble, or clan chief, and a particularly significant one when it came to the choice, recognition and installation of a new chief - a process that was overseen by the Seanchaidh. His role was highlighted when he presented the new chief to his clan by reciting his pedigree - a ceremony also carried out at other important gatherings of the clan. 

Graeme Mackenzie was asked to fulfill this role for Cabarfeidh at the first Clan MacKenzie Parliament and International Gathering in 1995, since when he has performed the recitation at numerous events over the quarter century he has held the position, as well as helping many clanspeople with historical and genealogical enquiries about the Mackenzies. He's also served in the past as Chairman of the Clan MacKenzie Society of Scotland and has liaised with other Clan MacKenzie societies around the world. As a professional genealogist for over thirty years, Graeme has travelled extensively in North America and Australasia lecturing on Clan and Family History, and was the founding Chairman of the Association of Highland Clans and Societies. Read more about him on his Highland Roots website. Graeme is pictured below at the International Gathering of Clan MacKenzie in 2015. 

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